Avia Bio-Cosmetics

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Original Artwork by:Tinebra

Avia is the leader in the new field of Bio-Cosmetics. The company has a strong presence in the inner core systems with both the E.C.A and Republic of Terra. With both government’s middle and upper classes employing the company’s enhancements and improvements. These enhancements are also popular with the elite of the Outer Ring planets elite since Avia simply re-engineers dna and essentially creates the new you, their modifications do not require routine check ups like more elaborate mods from Demigod and Nanotech. These elite will pay a fortune though to have an Avia beauty team travel to them or take long vacations to an inner core planet for the operations to be completed.

Some of Avia’s top selling products and treatments include: Skin Scrubbing, Skin Pigmenting, Pheromone Gland Implants, Pleasure Synapsing, Facial Re-Engineering, and Age Reduction Therapy.

Avia’s Age Reduction Therapy can effectively extend a clients life too twice that of a normal humans and some of their top clients have lived over 200 years or so their advertisements claim.

Avia Bio-Cosmetics

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