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Space shot
Artwork by: Adam Burn


Earth Colonial Alliance -
The Globalized Government of Earth and her colonies.

Republic of Terra -
The second interplanetary governmental body founded by humanity.

Federation of Free Planets -
A loose Confederacy of independent planetary governments that band together in a loose alliance for protection and trade.

Commonwealth of Corria -
The first intersteller governmental body established by humanity. Currently under administrative control by the Republic of Terra and ECA.

Recent History

Victory has been claimed in the first Human Interstellar War or more commonly known as the Corria Conflict. After the unconditional surrender of Corria to the ECA and Republic of Terra in the ratification of Corrian Disarmament Treaty.

After years of military build up between the Commonwealth of Corria, The Republic of Terra, and the Earth Colonial Alliance, the Commonwealth of Corria began a two prong lightening attack against the Republic of Terra and ECA. It was only with ECA and RoT combined might that the CoC was defeated, but only done so in a long, costly, and bloody war.

With the defeat of Corria and disagreements on the management of their new territories old grudges between the ECA and Republic of Terra are starting to resurface, with a heighten state of tension now forming between the two. They both keep their new military forces in a top state of readiness. While the Federation of Free planets does what it can to secure it’s own safety. If the governing officials are not careful once again this is a galaxy that could easily be thrown into another interstellar war threatening to be worst than the previous.